Timo Piepers Studio believes in the power of architecture and design to enhance our homes, cities and lives for the better.
We work with an aim to bring a young, refreshing and respectful combination of classic and. contemporary architectural principles. We create spaces that last while respecting architectural principles such as lighting, proportion, materials and nature. Our designs are purposeful, functional and tailor-made to guarantee timeless satisfaction and style.​
The client's needs, as well as individual site characteristics, have the most influence over the design direction. Architects have the primary task to provide shelter, but we also have the ability to transcend the physical - to connect with people emotionally. 
We are a multidisciplinary design studio based in Amsterdam, which is capable to take on any and every aspect of the design process. Varying from exterior to interior, spatial planning, materialisation, maquette building, landscape design and lighting plans. In addition, Timo Piepers Studio is specialising in both new-build projects and renovation.
Timo Piepers is the founder of Timo Piepers Studio. With a background in architecture, arts and product design, Timo is celebrated for his technical-creative approach to the development of refined, bespoke designs that demonstrate his respect for the defining principles for both classical and contemporary architecture. 

timo piepers studio

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